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    We rent the roofer buggy by the day, week, month, or even longer.
    1 Week$600
    2 Weeks$1,150
    3 weeks$1,600
    4 weeks$1,975
    Long TermCall for Discounted Rates
    We offer delivery and pick up to your job site or place of business so you can keep your focus on your job, not your rented equipment. Just tell us where you need it and we’ll provide a quote.
    Dumping your roofer buggy at the job site is great if you have a truck or dumpster handy. But what if you have a small job and have to run to the dump? That means quitting early for the day to make it to the dump before they close.

    We offer dumping right at our location. Bring the roofer buggy back full and just drop it off. We’ll even do the dumping for you! Prices vary based on contents of load for recyclable and non-recyclable waste.